019: Predictive Analytics and Person-Centred Approaches with Andrea Danes

Episode 19: Predictive Analytics and Person-Centred Approaches with Andrea Danes

Access to quality healthcare and support services is critical for individuals and communities to thrive, but navigating the complex human and health services landscape can be a daunting task for those in need of assistance. 

In this episode of Thriving in Complexity, our guest is Andrea Danes, EY’s Global Human Services Leader, with nearly 30 years of experience in both public and private sectors with program expertise in Medicaid, Child Welfare, and other Human Services programs.

Andrea shares her experience working with government leaders and communities to design and implement programs that address the specific needs of vulnerable populations. Throughout the conversation, we’ll explore the challenges of navigating complex systems, the promise of predictive analytics and the importance of building strong partnerships to overcome these obstacles.

Andrea emphasizes the importance of a person-centred approach why it is essential to focus on people, families, and communities rather than just on programs. 

We also discuss the importance of transforming the safety net and using data and intuition to enable resilience and recovery in the delivery of Human Services. Andrea shares the personal experiences that drive both her perspective and passion for supporting individuals and families in need.

Join us in this episode of Thriving in Complexity to learn more about the complexities of the human and health services landscape and the importance of a person-centred approach in providing quality care and support to people experiencing vulnerability.


  • One thing most people don’t know about Andrea (01:11)
  • Andrea’s favourite experience working in complexity (03:19)
  • Why did Andrea become an advocate for human services? (08:57)
  • The challenges leaders face in the human and health services system (14:44)
  • What is predictive analytics and how can it improve individual outcomes (21:31)
  • Aggregation of data in different cultural contexts (27:45)
  • How to start with social programs (31:15)
  • The role of community-controlled organisations (37:06)
  • Pitfalls of predictive analysis (41:19)
  • Thriving in complexity, according to Andrea (44:39)


“If you are going to use data of people on their own behalf, you must be transparent about what data and the purpose.” – Andrea Danes

“Success is not when the system is changed. It’s as individual minds are changed.” – Anthony, Andrea Danes’ Uber Driver

“The top three are workforce, digitalisation and compounded need.” – Andrea Danes

 “We’re continually tasked with measuring the impact based on bad things that didn’t happen.” – Andrea Danes

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Andrea Danes is a leader at EY (Ernst & Young), a multinational professional services firm. She serves as the Global Human Services Leader, overseeing the firm’s efforts to support social programs that serve vulnerable populations. In this role, Andrea is focused on identifying emerging trends, developing solutions, and promoting collaboration to drive transformation in human services programs. She is also leading the US activation of the Vulnerable Citizen Platform, which uses data and analytics to improve the effectiveness of government programs and support community safety net providers. Andrea’s work is aimed at helping individuals and families access the social support they need to overcome challenges and thrive.