Does This Sound Like Your Team?

Are they:

Unproductive when faced with ambiguity or uncertainty

Impacted by people blocking opportunities, slowing progress and holding others back

Stuck in old ways of thinking when you need innovative solutions

Overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of work

Avoiding crucial decisions in the absence of desired information

Missing opportunities because they’re focused on obstacles and limitations

Giving up too easily or they’re unwilling to take risks or try new things

If this is the case, it’s likely that tolerance of ambiguity is an issue.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research has shown that individuals with a higher tolerance of ambiguity are more productive and responsive in the disrupted, uncertain and complex world of work and benefit from increased job satisfaction and overall well-being.

I can help you and your team Embrace the Unknown.

Are You Ready To Step Into The Emerging Future Or Are You Still Doing The Same Thing And Expecting Different Results?

About Susanne Le Boutillier

During my 30-year Senior Executive career in health and community services, I successfully led large scale change and delivered on many complex and challenging programs.

I now use my knowledge and skills to make a positive difference for others by providing consulting support to organisations navigating challenging situations and coaching executives who want the support of an individual who has walked the same challenging path and uses proven approaches.

Nobody gets it right all the time. But with my help, you will be able to know yourself, safely experiment and move towards who you want to be so you can thrive in a complex world.

How I Help

I Specialise In Helping My Clients To Thrive In Complex Environments

Why Work With Me

Proven Adaptive Leader

I have three decades of experience leading teams and stakeholders to overcome tough challenges.

Strategic Thinking For The Emerging Future

Start thinking in new and different ways to find the way through complex problems.

Thrive In A Complex Environment

I will support you to design and monitor ‘safe to fail’ experiments so you can get comfortable with change.

Challenge Your Thinking

Let’s explore your world with curiosity and courage so you can generate new thinking, innovate and grow.

Work Better With Your Stakeholders

Improve your ability to interact with diverse stakeholders and create win/win outcomes.

Flexible, Evidence Based Coaching

As a coach, I focus on who you want to be and adapt to suit your needs.

Hear From My Clients & Colleagues