022: Coaching for Relentless Forward Progress and Potential with Liz Mackevicius

Episode 22: Coaching for Relentless Forward Progress and Potential with Liz Mackevicius

Organisations aren’t the only ones who can go from good to great – people can too. Coaching helps empower individuals to tap into their hidden reserves of passion and talent so they can grow. Having the right coach can help individuals become more resilient, adaptable, and capable of dealing with complex situations. 

In this episode of Thriving in Complexity, Susanne Le Boutillier speaks with Liz Mackevicius, an accredited organisational coach who brings lessons learned from ultra marathon running into her coaching.  

With nearly two decades of experience in public and private planning, Liz discovered her true passion: empowering individuals to translate aspirations into real breakthroughs by building client confidence, resolve and satisfaction.                                                                                                                       

In our conversation Liz shares her expertise on facilitating transformative journeys, where she guides clients towards becoming the person they aspire to be. Liz emphasises the significance of relentless forward progress, encouraging individuals to focus on the present and embrace the journey rather than being overwhelmed by long-term goals. 

Drawing from her experience, Liz unveils the power of shifting perspective and unearthing ingrained stories, beliefs, and assumptions that shape our self-perception.  

Join us as we delve into Liz’s expertise to facilitate relentless forward progress for making work (and life) fulfilling and rewarding, going from feeling good to great.  


  • Liz’s shift to professional coaching and how it made an impact on her life (01:39) 
  • What ultra-marathon running teaches us about professional development (03:40) 
  • How to move towards the person you want to become (06:59) 
  • The value of changing your context (10:35) 
  • Coaching approaches to help people unlock their potential (12:25) 
  • Liz’s personal anecdotes about the value of coaching approaches (19:20) 
  • The importance of having a curiosity skill set (23:30) 
  • How to become more aware of the behaviours holding you back (27:00) 
  • The best ways to alter habits of mind and patterns of behaviours (29:57) 
  • Coaching frameworks Liz uses with clients (34:18) 
  • Using a shift in perspective to move beyond feeling stuck (37:38) 
  • Tips and advice for people wanting to do meaningful work (40:52) 
  • What does thriving in complexity mean for Liz? (44:11) 
  • Advice to Liz’s 25-year-old self (45:25) 
  • One thing Liz wants you to remember (46:31) 


“The coaching process that you go through can help organise your thinking. So you have clear purpose and ideas about what you want, how you’re going to get it, and the decisions become a lot easier.”- Liz Mackevicius

“Observing how other people approach situations can be quite powerful.” -Liz Mackevicius

“You need to be sure your mindset is serving you rather than undermining what you’re about.” -Liz Mackevicius

“A coach can help someone notice when they’re holding on to something that is getting in the way of becoming who they need to become next.” -Susanne Le Boutillier

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An accredited organisational coach, Liz has built a reputation as a facilitator, coach, speaker and trainer with a passion for making work (and life) fulfilling and rewarding; going from feeling good to great.

She values accountability, acknowledging this is what helps us translate aspirations into real breakthroughs and has worked with a range of clients, building their confidence, resolve and satisfaction.  

She has a mild addiction to running ultra marathons and playing in the mountains, and while she doesn’t make clients go into the wilderness with her, she brings the lessons on mindset and confidence from those experiences into her sessions.  

Liz is also a public policy expert with nearly 20 years’ experience in professional services consulting, public sector strategy and policy development. She understands what it’s like to work in a world where balancing competing priorities is the everyday, and when there’s always more to do.  

Her other passions are road running, wilderness and conservation, high performing teams, strategy and cultural change, learning and personal development.