014: Get Rid Of Cookie-Cutter Change and Start Designing Changing Experiences with Faith Timbs

Episode 14: Get Rid Of Cookie-Cutter Change and Start Designing Changing Experiences with Faith Timbs

Cookie-cutter approaches to change are often derailed by volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. So, why do so many people still cling to them? Is it because we desire certainty, even when we know that’s often not possible? In this episode of Thriving of Complexity, Susanne speaks with Faith Timbs on how to get rid of cookie-cutter change and start designing changing experiences.
Faith is the Founder and Managing Director of Timbs and Co: Change Design. Her business helps clients stop managing change and encourages them to take a fresh look at changing.
Using cookie-cutter approaches to change can make people feel unproductive and demotivated.
When context is used to determine the changing experience in an organisation, it establishes an understanding of what needs to happen, where change leaders should start, and where the organisation is going.

If you want people to make sense of and understand how they can be part of the change, tune in as Faith dives deep and shares her knowledge and expertise in creating a good changing experience.


  • An interesting fact about Faith (02:07)
  • Managing change in the complexity space (03:33)
  • The limitations of cookie-cutter change experiences (10:18)
  • What makes a good changing experience (17:57)
  • Incorporating the Cynefin framework in helping clients (24:12)
  • Common organisation mistakes when making change (31:45)
  • What does thriving in complexity mean for Faith (38:15)
  • Complex situations she could’ve managed differently (43:45)
  • Advice for her 25-year-old self (55:00)
  • The importance of context in change (56:40)


“What I think and how I’m impacted by change changes because it’s not just about your change.” – Faith Timbs
“People who know your context best are the people who live in it every day.” – Faith Timbs
“If you don’t ask for things, you won’t get them.” – Faith Timbs

“Leaders today need space to engage the team so that they can lead.” -Susanne Le Boutillier

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Faith has spent almost 20 years navigating the ups and down of change in the education, government, heavy industry and NFP sectors.
She’s thrown out the cookie cutter when it comes to supporting the changing experience for people and organisations.
Her Change Design™ approach combines the best of Human Centred Design, Cynefin, Change Management, L&D, OD and Experience Design.
From Organisational Change to Learning and Change Wellness, Faith and her team take a fresh approach to the business of complex, intricate, fascinating people.