009: Why You Can’t Go Wrong Doing Right with Chris Tanti

Episode 09: Why You Can’t Go Wrong Doing Right with Chris Tanti

Many organisations have a proud history. However, there’s a big difference between being wedded to history and being respectful of it. Holding onto the past and ignoring the richness emerging around you can stop new possibilities in their tracks.
In this episode of the Thriving in Complexity podcast, Susanne talks to Chris Tanti, an accomplished CEO both in Australia and the United States who has worked across mental health, disability and aged care. Currently, he is the CEO of the Leukemia Foundation.
Chris shares his insights on how to thrive in complexity and how we works towards a better vision of the future.. He also talks about how important it is to have a clear purpose in life and shares his own personal story of how he found his purpose.
With his extensive experience in the corporate sector, Chris is sure to provide some valuable insights on how to thrive in complexity. Listen to this episode to find out more!
  • One thing most people don’t know about Chris (02:16)
  • What attracted Chris to build a career around mental health (05:58)
  • How Chris’ background has shaped him as a leader (11:55)
  • How can leaders bring their people along with them (19:11)
  • Dealing with the changing expectations of others (26:03)
  • The importance of having your finger on the pulse of your business (31:58)
  • How to get valuable insights from previous experiences (34:53)
  • Thriving in complexity, according to Chris (38:46)
  • Focusing on your organizational goals (41:09)
  • One thing Chis wished he handled differently (42:39)
  • Chris’ advice to his 25-year-old self (49:48)


“Adopt a pace that enables you to take in the richness around you and make sense of the patterns playing out.” – Chris Tanti 

“When it comes to doing things, I don’t look back.” -Chris Tanti 

“To do more or to do more better, you need to decide what you’re not going to do” -Chris Tanti 


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Chris Tanti currently holds the position of CEO at the Leukaemia Foundation and is a director of the Community Services Industry Alliance. Chris has   a long-held passion for improving health outcomes and ensuring people receive quality care and services that are fit for purpose and focused on client outcomes.

With an extensive background in the health sector, Chris began his career in social work as a mental health practitioner before transitioning into management and leadership positions some 25 years ago. 

Chris is an accomplished CEO both in Australia and the United States, working across mental health, disability and aged care having held CEO positions including Australia’s National Disability Services, the Royal Freemasons Aged Care and Headspace. His career has been characterized by the development of game-changing health services strengthened considerably by his experience working with governments and in advocacy, program and organisational innovation. Chris holds qualifications from La Trobe and Melbourne Universities, and the Harvard Business School.