000: The Beauty of Things Not Working in Your Favour

We hope that life will take a certain pathway because we assume that is where we’re meant to be. But life gives us unexpected twists and turns that we end up in an unfamiliar journey.

But as we go along with the uncertainty, we discover more about ourselves. We unravel our skills and potentials and this helps us decide whether we want to pursue a specific path or not.

On the first episode of the Thriving in Complexity podcast, I would like to share a glimpse of who I am and the reason why I started this podcast. I’ve learned early on that life doesn’t always work out according to our expectations; however, there’s still beauty when things don’t go in our favour.

I’ll share some of the complexities I’ve experienced in the workplace and how these made me realise what I want and don’t want to do in regard to my career path, so let’s dive in.


  • Why it’s important to have conversations with other leaders (00:53)
  • Why it’s okay if things don’t work out in your favour (03:11)
  • How complex work experiences influenced my career (04:11)


“Life doesn’t work out quite like you expect it to.” -Susanne Le Boutillier 

“What I’ve always done as a leader is work out who I want to be and not try and emulate someone exactly.” -Susanne Le Boutillier

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