008: The Way You Race is the Way You Pace as a Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis

Episode 08: The Way You Race is the Way You Pace as a Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis

Middle Managers who remember that as a leader, the way you race is the way you pace, also know the value of role modelling behaviours that will help their team thrive in the face of complexity.
Great leadership starts with self-leadership. And it shows up when you don’t have a strong foundation which means understanding who you are, from your values, through to your emotional intelligence, your self image, your self talk, through to the way in which you communicate, and the way your communication style impacts others, and your willingness to speak up or take a seat at the table.
In this episode of the Thriving in Complexity podcast, Susanne talks to Sally Foley-Lewis, a global, multi-award-winning speaker, facilitator, author and coach. With her extensive leadership background, Sally has been helping middle managers around the world to lead with impact.
Sally shares her insights on how to help middle managers embrace influence over control, avoid delegation traps, ask questions and give their teams the gift of time to think.
With her passion for leadership, Sally is someone you don’t want to miss. Tune in now to learn why self-leadership matters.
  • One hidden truth about Sally Foley-Lewis (03:56)
  • Embracing cultural differences (05:30)
  • The importance of self-leadership for middle managers (10:57)
  • Risks middle managers are facing (15:50)
  • The difference between controlling and influencing (17:49)
  • How delegating can help middle managers (24:05)
  • Seeing the positive side of failing (28:13)
  • The importance of effective communication (35:01)
  • Thriving in complexity, according to Sally Foley-Lewis (41:21)
  • One thing Sally wished she did differently (43:28)
  • Sally’s advice to her 52-year-old self (46:23)


“If you are not a lifelong learner, as a leader, then you are leaving so much behind and so much on the table” – Sally 

“By managing yourself, you’re actually influencing the type of outcome that you want to get.” -Sally 

“Delegation is not just about getting more work done effectively, it’s also about finding opportunities to raise everyone up.” -Sally Foley-Lewis 



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Sally Foley-Lewis inspires and skills managers to be high performing, purposeful and productive. Obsessed with leadership and professional development that ensures people reach their potential, Sally’s presentations and programs positively impact confidence, leadership and results. 

  • 2021 USQ Outstanding Alumnus of the Year – Business and Enterprise 
  • 2021 A.I. Influential Businesswoman – Winner – Most Inspirational Leadership Development Specialist (Australia) 
  • 2021 ROAR Success Awards – Silver Leadership Award 
  • 2020 Gold Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services 
  • 2020 Bronze Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services 
  • 2020 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia 

 Named a LinkedIn Top Voice, she is also a global professional speaker, and has authored multiple books. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own CEO and senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching – live online and face-to-face – to skill managers, boost productivity, engagement and self-leadership.  

Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the Middle East, Asia and across Australia Sally has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humour and an ability to inspire and energise.